Automatic Visual Laser Inspection of complex castings

As a producer of complex castings, you know the difficulties of quality assurance. An automated test procedure must be highly flexible, so that it can inspect a cylinder head for fins or any other surface defect as well as give dimensional deviations. It must be extremely powerful to keep in step with the cycle times needed today and in the future. And it should be simple, low-maintenance and sturdy, in order to withstand day-to-day foundry operation.

This type of a system is not available off the shelf. It is available from Inspectomation.

The 3D-FLEXINSPECTOR was developed in close collaboration with experts in foundry work, IT and quality assurance. It obtains threedimensional data using laser triangulation. Its speed and accuracy is based on the most modern camera and IT technology, and its flexibility is enhanced by market-leading robotics.


Automatic measuring and inspection:
Within the tolerance bands you define, the 3D-FLEXINSPECTOR will detect quality-related defects such as cold shots, parting line defects, blockages through core breakage, fins, sand inclusions, damage due to incorrect handling and more. It measures gaps, diameters, height distances and other geometric data. It identifies and stores relief inscriptions and more.


Your benefits:

  • Highly-flexible application
    To utilize your process to its full capacity, you may need to manufacture different types of products. Being totally flexible, the 3D-FLEX INSPECTOR identifies and inspects individual parts in any order you require.
  • Advice from experts
    Our background is in foundry technology and we know your requirements. Use our technical knowledge for intelligent quality assurance.
  • Inspection within the cycle time
    A quick inspection procedure for continuous production.
  • Less rejection
    Systematic defects are detected immediately, before they cause significant expense.
  • Quality targets met using an audit trail
    For every casting tested one can obtain a report – your quality audit trail for your customer.
  • You increase profits
    The result is worth real money: you will reduce rejection, minimise claim costs and returns, increase productivity, save labour costs and improve your image.


An investment which is worth it!

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