Automated inspection of integrated air vents

DISC-INSPECTOR detects surface defects as well as defects in the air vents and automatically rejects defective parts onto a separate conveyor within the production cycle. DISC-INSPECTOR is highly flexible: Quick changeover to inspect car and truck discs even in complex product designs and small batches.

Brake discs are safety-critical components – the automotive industry demands that they are practically 100% defect-free. The DISC-INSPECTOR was specially developed for the surface inspection of brake discs and offers a high-precision system of automatic visual inspection and quality assurance for use in series production.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic is better than manual
    A manual inspection cannot guarantee 100% freedom from defects. It is tiring and requires continuous concentration. From a financial point of view, repeated inspections are not viable. In contrast, DISC-INSPECTOR inspects objectively, consistently and continously.
  • A complete turnkey system
    Immediately ready to go. The complete system controls the separation, inspection and rejection. Using current interfaces such as Profibus or digital I/O, DISC-INSPECTOR is integrated in your production process in the shortest time.
  • High degree of flexibility to handle all types of brake disc and vent geometries
    DISC-INSPECTOR inspects brake discs which are ventilated externally or internally, vents which run at an angle, as well as discs with pillars. It can be set up for a new brake disc type (truck discs, car discs, open hubs, rings etc. ) quickly and with very little effort.
  • Flexible and easy to use
    Using an operator interface which is intuitive to use, you can regulate the inspection accuracy.
  • Pays for itself quickly
    The system has a long service life because of its solid construction. It can be amortised quickly – and along with the financial benefits, you will notice further advantages such as efficiency in quality assurance, safety and customer satisfaction.