Vertical LVMD mixers

The LVMD mixer series is the extended version of the established LVM series, especially for large quantities of sand and for binder systems which are difficult to mix.


LVMD mixers


The LVMD mixer series is suitable for volumetric dosing of sand, binders and additives. The mixing chamber consists of two interconnected mixing chambers with counter-rotating mixing blades. This results in a highly effective vortex mixing zone in the middle of the mixer, which creates a homogeneous mixture quickly and in a material-friendly manner. Due to its characteristics, this mixer series provides a very economical solution.

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Choose your product specification
Sand preparationfor all known processes
Mixing capacity (t/h)max. 15 (standard mixing process)
Sand metering volume in litres150
Mixer cycle time36 sec. (standard mixing process)
Additive connection1 connection/3 connections with scales
Sand discharge positions1
Sand discharge2 discharge flap
Mixing tubestationary double mixer housing
Wearing parts of mixer housingWear-resistant steel
Wearing parts of agitatorWear-resistant armoured steel
Recipe (binder, sand)Easy to change, manual cleaning if required
Cleaning of mixer housingEasy to clean, no desiccation thanks to a closed mixing drum
Metering methodVolumetric or using scales
Sand metering accuracy± 0.5 kg
± 5 g when metering with guided microwave
Binder metering accuracy± 1 g when metering with gear pump