Laempe spare parts for maximum machine availability

Our spare parts department is there to help you at all times, organizing the quick delivery of the parts you need. We use know-how, dedication, and efficient logistics to keep the availability of your machines as high as possible.


prompt supply of spare parts

In order to keep machine downtimes to a minimum, we keep distances and delivery times for our spare parts as short as possible. We keep large stocks of all commonly required wearing parts and important spare parts at our own high bay warehouse in addition to parts stocked at partner facilities around the globe. Our spare parts team is on hand to provide competent advice whenever you need spare parts. Thanks to close collaboration with our logistics experts and service team, the fastest possible delivery and assembly times are ensured.

Customer-specific spare parts packages

In many cases, it makes sense for you to keep a small stock of commonly required wearing parts and important spare parts at your own premises. With this in mind, we can compile spare parts packages which are especially tailored to your systems and requirements. This service increases the availability of your systems and thus makes your production more efficient.



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