Keeping it compact: LL-series automatic core shooters

Simply connect it and start producing cores - the LL-series automatic core shooters are small and compact all-rounders and are easy to use. The gas unit, control unit, control cabinets, hydraulics, and cabin are already integrated and networked with each other.




  • Completely integrated: Gas unit, control cabinet, control unit, hydraulics, and safety cabin
  • For hot or cold core hardening processes
  • Suitable for processing tools with up to 6 parts
  • Shoot volume of 5 to 20 litres
  • No foundation, low space requirement
  • Low energy consumption and short setup times
  • Short delivery times and quick assembly
Choose your product specification
LL-series automatic core shooterLL10LL20
Shooting volume (in Litres)10-1520-30
Maximum shooting area (in mm)380×380520×520
Standard shooting area (Diameter in mm)230280
Cycle times (without gassing, injection, and venting) (in seconds)1622
Tool height (in mm)230-480335-630
Vertical tool width (in mm)150-350200-400
Horizontal tool width (in mm)150-695250-890
Tool depth (in mm)200-700300-870
Maximum tool weight (in kg)100400