LG-series gassing units



  • Accurate metering
  • Variable pressure regulation during gassing time
    with proportional valve
  • High temperatures of up to 170º Celsius
  • Central amine supply system with fill level measurement system
    for ongoing, malfunction-free amine replenishment
  • Pre-heater for shorter cycle times and process acceleration
  • Can be used with any automatic core shooter
Choose your product specification
CoreHardening System1"1,5"2"
Delivery rate of pump for amine0,5 cm³1,0 cm³2,0 cm³
Delivery rate of pump for BETASET system3,0 cm³3,0 cm³3,0 cm³
Control range for proportional purging pressure0,3 - 4,8 bar0,3 - 4,8 bar0,3 - 4,8 bar
Heater temperaturemax. 175 °Cmax. 175 °Cmax. 175 °C
Heat output3 kW4,5 kW9 kW
Recommended core sand per cycle in kgup to 60up to 200up to 400

Positive customer feedback

Up to 40% reduction in gassing time, up to 15% reduction in machine cycle time, and up to 45% reduction in catalyst consumption


Global presence

More than 1,500 Laempe CoreHardening systems are used successfully throughout the world



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