The CORE-VISION STATISTICS add-on module logs all inspection cycles in a database. Concise evaluation gives you an excellent basis to further optimise production quality.

Fields of Application:

  • Core Shops
  • Horizontal Moulding Lines
  • Vertical Moulding Lines

CORE-VISION quickly and reliably inspects cores, core assemblies and moulds in core shops, as well as in vertical and horizontal moulding lines. CORE-VISION is easy to use and can be connected to the control unit of the production line using current interfaces and field bus cables.

The software concentrates on user-definable "Regions of Interest", which are actually relevant in terms of product quality. Position correction, compensation for changes in the ambient light and dust air purge make the system particularly sturdy for tough day-to-day foundry use.


Automated visual inspection for cores and moulds

Your benefits

  • 100% Inline Inspection
    Sporadic defects as well as systematic deviations are reliably detected on their first occurrence and no casting passes uninspected. The highly efficient inspection process is integrated into your material flow with no effect on cycle time.
  • Assured Quality
    Typical defects like break-offs, larger porosities and gaping cracks are reliably detected and the presence of cores in core-packages, respectively cores, filters and inoculant in moulds is ensured.
  • Defect Scenarios With Flexible Tolerances
    Dedicated „Regions of Interest“ can be inspected with individual sensitivities. This generates freely definable follow-up scenarios, from simple error messages to automated skipping of defective core-packages, respectively moulds before casting, or immediate stopping of the line in case of defects that can result in damage to the equipment.
  • Robust, Foundry-Ready Mounting
    Robust and reliable processing under adverse environmental conditions – positioning errors, process-related variances of production as well as variable ambient light - have no influence on the inspection result. Dust, dirt and high temperatures can’t harm the well tried and tested systems.
  • Significant Reduction of Costs 
    The automated visual inspection grants high possible savings by cutting down on manual inspection. It guarantees a highly objective, reliable and reproducible quality of inspection, available around the clock. 
  • Statistical Tool For Defect Analysis
    CORE-VISION Statistics helps you to improve the quality in parallel to the running production, as error sources are found faster and more systematically (documented quality).