Keeping it flexible: L-series automatic core shooters

The L machine series epitomises really flexible core production. Thanks to the open design of the series and C-frame, the machines can be really easily adapted in line with your requirements. This makes the machines in this series great all-rounders for medium and large core boxes with a shoot volume of between 1 and 150 litres.



Features L-series

  • For cold core hardening processes
  • For medium and large tools
  • Shoot volumes of 1 to 150 litres
  • Suitable for processing tools with up to 6 parts
  • Variable tool dimensions
  • User friendly  control system with automatic fault diagnostics

Features L1-series

  • available as a lab machine or automat
  • for cold and hot core hardening processes
  • shoot volumes of 1 to 3 litres
  • suitable for series tools  (automatic version) or any kind of tools for core sand testing (lab machine)
  • completely integrated: Gas unit, control unit and safety cabin
  • low space requirement
Choose your product specification
L series automatic core shooterL1L20L40L100
Shooting volume (in Litres)120-4040-80100-150
Maximum shooting area (in mm)30×190900×650960×7001.200×800
Standard shooting area (Diameter in mm)81500×500700×700970
Cycle times (without gassing, injection and venting) (in seconds)15182232
Tool height (in mm)210335-630535-900635-1.030
Vertical tool width (in mm)80-140200-600300-800700-900
Horizontal tool width (in mm)50-270250-1.190500-1.590700-1.790
Tool depth (in mm)50-320300-980300-1.150500-1.300
Maximum tool weight (in kg)205001.8002.700