Production boosters: LGi-series gas units



  • High-precision dosing system with highest reproducibility
  • Flow rate measurement by impulse turbine with actual visualisation
  • Fill level visualisation with large temporary storage in transparent dosing container
  • Pressure rated vaporizer/heater unit with stepless adjustable temperature setting and actual visualisation
  • Amine amount calculation of the core weight and catalyst type selection
  • Dosing cabinet cooling
  • Own controller via touch display with recipe management
  • Easy parameter input for catalyst amount and flushing pressure process
  • ATEX-compliant design
  • Energy-efficient heating for consistently high flushing air temperature
  • Actual visualisation of the flushing air temperature

Amine supply

  • Visual level monitoring viewing of liquid catalyst in the transparent dosing container
  • Electrical warning report
  • Connection to central amine supply and canister supply possible
  • Filter and fine filter protection of dosing system
  • Fast switching between central amine supply and canister operation
  • Air-cooled amine panel for catalysts with low boiling point


  • Very precise measuring system for reproducible dosing
  • Actual visualisation of the regulated amount
  • Amine amount - calculation of the core weight and catalyst type selection
  • Low-wear pump design for pressure variations
  • Easy identification of the function, low-wear and dry operation via software
  • Simple calibration for actual catalyst input
  • Verifying device for checking the gassing amount control

Type of construction

  • Robust and compact construction
  • Low space requirement: The system can be placed on the wall or in a corner in close proximity to machine
  • Heater and amine system in separated cabinets
  • ATEX-compliant design
  • Integrated catch pan according to the German Federal Water Act § 19

Control - Operation

  • PLC control with touch screen display or via KS-module
  • Easy parameter feeding inputs like for filling pressure, injection point in time, pressure rejection and more
  • Monitor recipes up to 100 data records
  • Visualisation of all process parameters, graphical cleaning pressure, functional diagram, maintenance date, PDA
  • Add and accordingly change data records during running production
  • Communication over bus or potential free contacts